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Quartz is the new kid on the block. Phoenix Quartz Countertops is gaining popularity due to its many benefits



Take a look at some of the Phoenix quartz countertops stones that the showroom offers:

Install Only

Do you already have the Arizona quartz material? No problem! We can do the installation for you. We have had lots of customers buy their slabs from wholesalers and then come to us installation. You will get the same great craftsmanship and service as if you would have purchased the martial from our wholesaler.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Quartz Countertops Phoenix

Indoors quartz should not yellow, however direct exposure to sunlight may cause your quartz countertops in Phoenix to yellow, almost all quartz is intended for indoor use, however new technology is emerging and some quartz is rated for outdoors, make sure to ask your fabricator if they are using indoor or outdoor rated Arizona quartz.

Normal cleaning would do, just water and a cloth, that’s one of the benefits of quartz countertop Phoenix, it is very easy to maintain shiny and looking like new for many years, try not to use any harsh materials to clean them, rather clean the quartz countertops often.

There is no specific brand that is the best for quartz countertops Phoenix, however we recommend brands that offer at least a 15 year warranty on their product, if a quartz countertops company refuses to warranty their product that is a sign of poor quality.

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