Granite & Quartz Countertop Installers In San Tan Valley, AZ

If you live in the San Tan Valley, Arizona area, you understand that there are a lot of people who are looking for a house. This could be your chance to increase the value of your home, so you need to take advantage of every opportunity available. You might be interested in installing a granite counter in your kitchen or bathroom, but you need to work with the right team. We are Granite Karma, and it would be our pleasure to help you customize your granite, quartz, quartzite, marble or soapstone counter to meet your needs.

We have a tremendous amount of experience, and we combine it with the best materials in the industry to give you a beautiful counter. Learn more about how the process works below, and reach out to us to schedule an appointment!

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The Benefits Of Working With Granite Karma In San Tan Valley

At Granite Karma, we are proud to be one of the most trusted names in the local area. There are several reasons why our client continue to work with us. They include:

  • Because of how long we have been in the industry, we have a very large network. We can lean on that network to provide you with the best possible materials for your project, from the best quality granite slabs to quartz stones and more.
  • We are always honest and transparent about our pricing and our scheduling. We will not surprise you with an invoice or scheduling change. We will always give you plenty of notice, and we will provide you with a free estimate before the project begins.
  • We maintain up-to-date licensing and insurance to make sure you have the protection and peace of mind you deserve. While we never believe something is going to go wrong, we still think having the right protection in place is important.

Count on Granite Karma if you are looking for a beautiful granite counter in San Tan Valley, Arizona.

The Granite Countertop Installation Process

If you decide to work with our team, there is a proven process that we follow. That way, you maximize your chances of falling in love with your granite counter. The steps in the process include:

  • Free Consultation: The first step is always to provide you with a free consultation. We want to figure out what your goals are for the project. We need to make sure we are the right fit, and we will take a few measurements of the area. That way, we understand how much granite we need to put down during the project.
  • Create a Template: Next, we will go ahead and create a template if you decide to move forward with us. We will explain exactly what we have to install in your kitchen or bathroom, and we will give you an opportunity to add more features. For example, if you want to customize the edges, now is the opportunity to do so.
  • Select a Style: The next step is to head to the showroom. This is your opportunity to take a look at all the colors and styles we have available. If you have something specific in mind but you do not see it, we may be able to customize it for you. We will handle this on an individual basis.
  • Install the Counter: After we are done with any customization you want completed, it is time to install the counter. Typically, the process takes a few hours, but if you have pipes that you need to connect to the counter, that is not something we have the expertise to handle. You will need to get a plumber to do that for you.

We will always give you a chance to review our work before we are done. Rely on our team to assist you.

How To Take Care of Your San Tan Valley Granite

We want you to take care of the granite after it has been installed. That way, it will last as long as possible. Some of the recommendations you should follow include:

  • You should always try to put a hot plate in between the dish and the counter. That way, you don’t have to worry about blemishes forming.
  • You need to reseal the counter from time to time to prevent liquids from staining it. Always use extreme caution when you are handling liquids around the counter.
  • If you are preparing a meal on the counter, you need to use a cutting board. You do not want to damage the counter with a knife.

It would be our pleasure to explain exactly what you have to do to take care of your granite counter. Rely on our team to help you.

Call Granite Karma for San Tan Valley Granite Counters

At Granite Karma, we always put the needs of our customers first, and we can do the same for you. We have already worked with countless homeowners in San Tan Valley, Arizona, and we can help you as well. We have plenty of counters from which to choose, and we would love to help you find the right counter to meet your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a member of our team.

You can remember us for additional services such as granite fabrication, quartz fabrication, and custom countertops for the kitchen, bathroom, and more.

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