Porcelain Countertop Installation in Phoenix, AZ

Porcelain Countertop Installers Phoenix, AZ

Get the best Porcelain Countertops For Arizona Homeowners here at Granite Karma.
Are you considering porcelain countertops for your Arizona home or business? Porcelain countertops have been gaining popularity over the years due to their affordability and durable surfaces. Porcelain countertops are sleek and stylish alternatives to the more expensive natural stone surfaces that are out there.

What Is Porcelain?

Porcelain is created using a non-porous ceramic clay that is made up of many materials, including silica, and kaolinite. Porcelain is baked at high temperatures that exceed two thousand degrees Fahrenheit. When fired at these temperatures, the elements blend to make one of the most durable surfaces available. These porcelain surfaces can stand up against the most stringent demands of any household, including heat, scratches, scuffing, staining, and sun damage.

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