What You Need To Know Before Purchasing Your Quartz Countertop

What You Need To Know Before Purchasing Your Quartz Countertop
Are you thinking about installing quartz countertops in your kitchen or bathroom?

Quartz countertops are becoming more and more popular as an alternative material for solid surface countertops.

Today, I’m going to share with you some important information about the properties of quartz surface that you should know.

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6 thoughts on “What You Need To Know Before Purchasing Your Quartz Countertop”

  1. Could you share the secret of repairing ‘quartz’ countertops?

    No, you couldn’t because they can’t be repaired.

    Oh, and it burns, scratches and Tenax makes a sealer for it.

    Let me reiterate, you can’t fix the burns or the scratches.
    Some burn at 325 degrees. Most at 350.

    And, the ingredient ratios are in the 35%-65% range. The figures
    you quote are based on weight. Oil based resins are light.

    If you are using butter to seal your granite, perhaps every year would
    be fine. If you use a good sealer, every 20 years is more accurate.

    Or, if you were not hawking an inferior product, you would choose
    quartzite which is infinitely superior.

    Fake Marketing.

  2. Do you need good countertop quartz sample binders or display racks? If yes, maybe Victor Display is a good choice

  3. The music was too loud and I had to strain to hear what you were saying over that god awful loop.

  4. Caesarstone has been a staple in my home since me and my husband moved to California. Their quartz countertops are one of the highest quality and most durable quartz countertops on the market. I love the colors of their countertops as they give you many different options to choose from, so there is definitely one that will fit your project!

  5. I am doing a kitchen remodel and getting all the info I can. I am going with a high end laminate for my counter top and quarts for my island. I found that quartz is becoming more popular than granite and the manufactures are upping the price for no other reason.
    You were very honest in your assessment of quarts in this video and good info.
    Don’t worry about the low subscriber numbers. Once someone makes a decision on their design for new or remodel needs, they won’t need more info for quit some time.
    Anyway, nice going. Your a doll and if I was 30 years younger – well… 🙂

  6. This is a clear and concise review of quartz countertops! One more tip we would add: to avoid some of the issues Dawn addresses, make sure to pick high-quality manufactured quartz for the best possible stain and scratch resistance. Quartz slabs made on authentic Breton S.p.A. machinery are the best in the industry and allow for the most realistic natural stone looks in the world. Be sure to ask your fabricator about the manufacturing process of any quartz brands you consider.

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