What is Sealer for Granite, Marble, Quartzite and Travertine Countertops?

What is Sealer for Granite, Marble, Quartzite and Travertine Countertops?
What is sealer? How is sealer applied? How long does sealer last? How will I know when to re-apply sealer? Does sealer make stone shiny or polished? Can sealer fix a scratch or fill a chip or pit in my granite counter-top? More information about natural stone or all types at www.stonemastersinc.net

15 thoughts on “What is Sealer for Granite, Marble, Quartzite and Travertine Countertops?”

  1. Clean Successfully

    Hi, body one question how to prevent
    water spot on quartz around the sink? I cleaned every two weeks and i want to be sure what to use.

  2. After spreading the sealer with the nylon brush, what should we use to wipe it up? Micro fiber towel, sponge or paper towel?

  3. Dan, I have new granite counter tops , sealed them with bulletproof sealer using a paint brush. waited 15 minutes, we kept it wet by continuing to run the brush back and forth, than wiped it. there is a weird residue and it never looked like it soaked it. ADVICE!!

  4. Clawfoot Refinishing Buffalo NY6478

    #Meme ..Are you a Teacher?…a Chemist?…….Excellent Presentation…Very Clear and Nice Demos…Thank You….. @Clean Successfully
    Please make more videos. As we really loved viewing this.

  5. Hi Dan, I have a question about quartz. I had countertops installed in fantasy brown. I was told that once polished and sealed they would have a shine to them. However, that is not the case. My countertops look like there is a film on it and is very dull. I was not with the fabricator, and they never return my calls. Is there a way I can polish and seal so they are not so dull?

  6. Hi Dan, thanks for the video! We just moved to a home with white quartzite countertops. I’ve noticed a sticky gummy (slightly brown) residue in areas. I have no idea what the residue is,  and am not sure how to remove it. I don’t want to damage the counters. I’ve tried water and gentle cleansers, to no avail. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

  7. a better example would have been if you used two of the same stones instead of one darker and one lighter.

  8. missmonasuzette

    Question: Is it ok to re-seal over granite that has supposedly been sealed, with a different product other than what it was sealed with? I have new granite that was supposedly sealed by the installer, but I was thinking of re-sealing it with Miracle 511 just to make sure it has been sealed properly. The installers, even though it had been sealed before installation, put more sealer on it after they installed it, but they put it on with a rag and let it sit shortly before wiping it off. The rag probably absorbed the important component of the sealer, as you mentioned.

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