Under Mount Sink Vs Over Mount Sink

Undermount Sink vs Overmount Sink

This is one more question to ask yourself if you are looking to do your Granite countertops in Phoenix, AZ.

If your kitchen hasn’t been re-done in the last 15 years or so, most likely you have a top mount sink.  But now, your fabricator is asking you which one you prefer and you have no idea what to answer.

So What Is The Difference?

Top mount sinks and undermount sinks do not differ in quality or material, it is simply a different type of installation.  Some sinks are installed on top of the solid surface while others go under the solid surface.

These days, more than 90% of the sinks that we install are undermount.  Below are some of the reasons customers have shared on why they chose undermount sinks:

Aesthetics, undermount sinks blend beautifully with stone and is nice to see just the stone on top instead of part of the sink.

Easy To Clean Them

Choices, as undermount sinks have become more popular, the options of material and design favors the undermount choice from Stainless Steel, Granite Composite, Quartz Composite, Cast Iron.

Choice of Configurations

• Single Bowl

• Double Sink

• Farmhouse Sink and More

With time, undermount sinks have become the popular choice for rental properties, as more property managers find them easier and more economically easier to replace.

However, some undermount sinks require more cabinet space. In those cases, top mount sinks are a great choice.  Kitchens that want to mimic the Retro look, must use overmount sinks.

In summary, most people prefer the look and the easy to clean benefit of undermount sinks.  If having an undermount sink is not an option then the top mount is perfectly fine. Either way, we can find a solution that works best for the unique characteristics of your kitchen or bathroom. When remodeling your home, take everything into consideration before making a purchasing decision. There are a lot of granite and quartz countertop installers here in Arizona, we take pride in the fact that we truly want to help you get the most out of your new project. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need anything, including a countertop estimate in the Phoenix area.

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