Tips For Buying Granite Coutertops

Tips For Buying Granite Coutertops
Please watch my video about the three biggest mistakes consumers make when shopping for new counter tops.

Thanks to my friends at Duracite Custom Countertops. if you are even thinking about a new counter top you have to give these guys a call. they are the BEST! Click my link below where you can request them to come to your house and give you a free written estimate.

You can also get more information and learn other tips by visiting my website:

5 thoughts on “Tips For Buying Granite Coutertops”

  1. Number 4 go out and actually look at an installation or two of the fabricator you’re interested in using.
    I narrowed it down to two fabricators and one was $500 cheaper thank God I went and looked at both installations I chose the one that was $500 higher

  2. Hey Jeff, are you still remodeling?
    I have to say you hit the nail right on the nose with this video.

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