The Most Popular Granite and Quartz Colors

Granite and quartz are one of the most desired materials used on kitchen and bathroom countertops in Phoenix. The luster and color of natural granite is beautiful, it’s no wonder many homeowners want it in their homes. Quartz is desirable for its array of color, style and its ability to truly make your home unique. Need we mention that these materials also increases the retail value of your home if you decide to sell some day?

The fun part of the whole countertop process is picking out your color. But with so many granite and quartz countertop colors to choose from, how will you choose the perfect style to compliment your kitchen? Keep reading to find out what the most popular granite and quartz colors are and how to pair them for your kitchen or bath.

  1. Black Countertops: Black can be modern yet timeless all at once. It can be your kitchen’s main attraction when done with a high sheen. It pairs best with lighter cabinetry and a well lit kitchen. It tends to be used in modern kitchens and is truly best with white or almost white cabinets. Black Pearl is a popular choice. 

  2. White Countertops: On the other side of the spectrum are white countertops. Just like black, they can give your kitchen a modern, luxurious feel. White really opens up your space and will make your kitchen feel cleaner, larger and lighter. It pairs well with darker cabinets but can also be seen paired with white cabinets for an ultra modern look. For granite, Bianco Romano, Serena White, White Ice and Splendor White are some of the colors our clients are raving about. For Quartz, Pure White, Moon and Crystal White are extremely popular.

  3. Beige Countertops: Aah beige: the perfect neutral that can be paired with practically any color cabinet you have. Decorating your kitchen or bath will be easy and flexible if you go with beige. It warms up your space and is good to use in traditional or country style kitchens. Our clients like Santa Cecilia, Giallo Santo and Venetian Gold in this color category

  4. Brown Countertops: Brown remains one of the most popular choices for kitchens and it’s no surprise. It’s rich tone brings a warm rustic feel to your space and pairs well with ivory cabinets and wooden decorations. Tan Brown and Uba Tuba are among the most popular right now.

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