Taking Care of your Caesarstone Quartz Countertops

Taking Care of your Caesarstone Quartz Countertops
Kirsten Kemp shares some easy tips on keeping your Caesarstone countertops looking like new.

In 1987, Caesarstone invented the first ever quartz surface by transforming quartz, one of nature’s strongest minerals, into the ultimate surface.

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6 thoughts on “Taking Care of your Caesarstone Quartz Countertops”

  1. Straightupshooter

    Not entirely true in this video.  I have ceasarstone and I confirm it does scratch, contrary to what she said in the beginning of this video, never, ever use a knife on it.  We clean it all the time, and clean it as quick as possible if you spill anything on it.  If you do that it should last a long time.

  2. I do not understand how they can say these are good with heat and don’t scratch. Literally my laminated counter tops were more durable and showed less than my new caesarstone. So disappointed. It is videos like this that misled me and costed me alot of $.

  3. Jacqueline Smith

    Do not buy this product, it WILL stain and you will not get any satisfaction from the warranty department. The Life Time warranty is a JOKE, 
    It is stated as being NON POROUS but they say stains I have in 2 of my bathrooms were caused by water sitting on top of the counters.They are bathrooms and water gets on top, I do not leave water sitting on my counter tops and even if I did it would not penetrate a non porous surface. They will not do anything for me or for any of the people that have complained.. All the things they claim about this product are false and the company should be ashamed of themselves. They do not care, they take your money and you get a Life Time warranty that means nothing but a lifetime of problems.

  4. Agree with other comments, do not buy Caeserstone, you constantly have to keep cleaning, my old twenty year old laminate surface was more durable. We regret choosing this surface in the kitchen. Do not buy its a poor, you become a slave to cleaning the bench top marks. My only tip to the readers, try widow cleaner it removes the water marks, do small sections at a time. Wipe in a circular motion with a paper towel then dry with an old tea towel. Of you leave it to dry by itself it leaves steaks. Has anyone tried metho?

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