Taking Care of your Caesar Stone Quartz Countertop

CaesarStone Quartz Countertops – Kirsten Kemp shares some easy tips on keeping your CaesarStone countertops looking like new.

2 thoughts on “Taking Care of your Caesar Stone Quartz Countertop”

  1. Doesn’t sound that tough when she keeps saying to use ‘non scratch’ cloths and such. She says it’s heat proof yet says don’t put pots from the stove on it. Then to use plastic putty knives.


  2. mynamehaschanged

    Don’t buy Quartz, it is the worst decision have made (I bought Caesarstone). It scratches very easily and if you try to polish it the warranty is lost. I asked for a rounded edge and they did it but canceled the stain warranty on the edge. They said I could only have it with a straight flat edge. Also they told me that the window in the kitchen needed a curtain or the countertop would be stained with the sun. Stay away from this, there is nothing better than a good granite.

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