Stone Pro: Granite Restoration

Stone Pro: Granite Restoration
Rob from StonePro demonstrates how you can restore Granite countertops in Phoenix. There is NOTHING you can do to damage the stone that can’t be fixed. What most homeowners do is clean stone with water thinking it wont hurt it, but it really is one of the worse things you can do to natural stone. Using Stone Scrub, he removes the hard water stains left behind. After letting it sit for a bit, he uses crystal clean to remove the stone scrub. Using Granite Potea and a variable speed polisher, you buff the granite until its dry. Adding the crystalizer for some wetness.

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22 thoughts on “Stone Pro: Granite Restoration”

  1. The polisher being used in the video is a Hardin Variable Speed Polisher. You can look up part # 76-451 on our website.

  2. We went to stone pro and their dealers, and really had a hard time finding the products used in this video.  Finally went to J.Racenstein and was able to get the last couple of products we need.  Hope it works 🙂

  3. Mármoles Fernández

    Courtesy not delve much, but …
    This video is not serious … If you have any problems with your kitchen countertop, please contact a mason.

  4. Hello,
    I would like to know what is the reason that you are not using simple water as a basic lubricant? 
    Also, what pressure are you applying when using the angle polisher? 
    A steel wool plate, can you say how would you define it in GRIT? 200, 400??


  5. If toilet bowl cleaner was spilled onto a black granite counter top the color would fade out how can this be repaired? 

  6. Hello i’m from Colombia and i would like to know if you can send me all those productos i really need them for customer service thank you for helping me

  7. I sat some Tub and Tile on my counter top and it leaked!! Now it has a rough feeling to it, what will I need to do to make it better? It seems maybe the sealer would do the trick? Or heck even the whole process. I have a whole kitchen that is granite black countertop and I need it all looking the same. If I did that one spot would it stick out like a sour thumb?

  8. What would I use to remove a water satin, I have a leaky faucet and water unfortunately got on to the granit tile now it’s darker

  9. This isn’t right. You shouldn’t have to be going back to customers houses to resurface the tops. Instead, you should be informing your customers on how to clean the tops. One of the big reasons why people go with granite, is so they don’t have to deal with the maintenance and repairs that you do with corian and such. Consumers will start to stray away from natural stone if they think there will be problems down the road, and they have to hire someone to fix it.

  10. I have used this process in 5 different homes. 3 were not in bad shape with little to no scratches and it worked awesome! the other two were pretty foggy from hard water cleaning. Again they turned out perfect with better than factory finish. One had a fairly deep scratch and had to be honed out and finished with this process. I was extremely impressed with the results and so were my clients. Trust me…. You are not doing an entire kitchen with several tops and an island in 20 minutes. I mask off everything though. Take your time and remember, you do not need much of this powder.

    What I do different than the video:
    I use a hog hair pad on slowest speed to apply stone scrub. let it set and clean as in the video.
    I use hog hair pad instead of steel wool.

    This process does work well especially when the tops just need a good cleaning, seal, and polish.

  11. feels like a million products… soons as it seemed he was done…NOPE 10 more products to go

  12. do you have pricing on counter tops an flooring you charge people in california ? I’m taking a class this week to clean granite and different kinds of stone. Were can I find hog hair at? nice video you can really see the difference from the dull side an to the side you cleaned. if you have a email address can I write you on there pls and thank you.

  13. Any classes offered in Kansas I live in Holton Kansas and I think this would be something I would love to learn to do

  14. The prior owners put in granite but the sealer applied was applied incorrectly – Instead of a smooth finish it is rough and always feels dirty. Would this process take off that corrupted finish.

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