Sinkits, How To Undermount A Sink In Granite Or Quartz.

Sinkits, How To Undermount A Sink In Granite Or Quartz.
How to undermount a sink using the Fastest Under Counter Sink Mounting System.
Sinkits sink clamps make sink mounting quicker and easier. Installing a sink in qranite or quartz counter tops can be done with basic fabrication tools, no special skill or equipment is needed. Learn more at

13 thoughts on “Sinkits, How To Undermount A Sink In Granite Or Quartz.”

  1. Sinkits work just fine in 2cm stone, as long as the hole is at least 1/2″ deep. I would recommend using a 1/4″ non-coring diamond bit.

  2. Such a simple concept, yet brilliant. I do agree however, that these should be made with SST, and sst bolts be used. That would eliminate any concerns about rust forming over the years and degrading the threads. I believe it would also be wise to use a thread sealant like loctite on the bolts.

    Excellent product. These should be packaged with every under mount sink sold in the US and abroad.

  3. Thank you for the input!
    Stainless steel is not necessary. The Zink plating offers enough protection. Very few sink clips and fastening screws on the market are stainless. If there is enough moisture to corrode the zinc plated steel and bolts, there would be a much larger problem to address than corrosion on the Sinkits. Loctite can be used, but because of the spring loaded binding tab that works similar to a lock washer, thread lock compound is not needed. Thanks again!

  4. I believe that my shop is going to be switching over from the style of clip we currently use to this one. It will not only save us a tool slot on the CNC but also save us money in the current set up of tool/sink mounting. Will give it a shot and see how it goes. Great idea.

  5. Great! Be sure to use a 1/4″ bit. 6mm is to small and 7mm is to big.
    Your installers will like the ease of install in the field as well.
    Thanks for the business!

  6. No, it’s pretty much impossible for Sinkits to blow out the stone. Sinkits will hold in excess of 115 lbs each. Four Sinkits will hold over 460 lbs. Six will hold over 700 lbs. Sinkits will work with any sink that has a rim thickness of 3/4″ or less.

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  8. I knew my guys didn’t know what they were doing. They left wood nailed under my sink to hold the sink in place

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