Removing Stains From Granite Countertops

Removing Stains From Granite Countertops
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22 thoughts on “Removing Stains From Granite Countertops”

  1. first of all thats not a poultice.the peanut butter can be taken out a lot easier. How long were the stains on the counter.use a proper care program and you can seal at a longer time frame. the video is ok but trusting a maid service to do restoration on stone is not what i would do. sorry to be blunt but I trained for years to do what I do and spent lotsa money learning proper ways of restoration. see yall.

  2. That isnt a stain. Oven cleaner is corrosive on granite. The acid ate through your sealant. Sorry!

  3. she should have should the dry paper towels to show if the stain lifted and absorbed on the towel…..more believable 

  4. 1. Granite counter-tops just SUCK.
    2. Have to get special supplies depending on what the stain is and at a beauty supply store? It’s a kitchen or a bathroom. Things spill.
    3. Process to remove the stain is painfully ludicrous.

  5. OMG, Windex? Did you use WIndex?  No wonder it stained. It’s no longer sealed.  And btw, just scrape that stuff off with a razor blade. It’s not a stain. Tadah, it’s gone.  And for real stains acetone from the hardware store works better, so does store bought peroxide.  Best poultice, oxyclean.  Then seal it (and don’t clean with Windex). And yes the white one isn’t granite. Btw, don’t use Windex…

  6. travertinepolishing

    Erick East is correct the white counter-top is not granite. The theory presented is pretty much sound. However, if the spilling of orange juice on a geologically sound granite counter-top causes etching, then something is typically wrong.

  7. I use Sarah wrap on the counter top like her but the acetone almost ate the saran wrap. 
    Am I the only one with the problem?

  8. I have a stain that is due to mouthwash. What kind of stain would this be considered – organic, oil?

  9. Help!!! I spilled vinegar on a stone tile floor,  what must I do to get the floor back to its original?

  10. excellent. . I was wondering what would I use for dishwashing liquid? I have a huge stand from spills dishwashing liquid. .

  11. I’m getting granite installed & this video was a gem! I will keep it in mind when caring for my new counters!

  12. Brian Butterfield

    Thanks for showing me how to remove bothersome stains from my granite countertop using peroxide and acetone.  Using paper towels worked like a charm and they are not as messy as making a poultice.  I sealed my counter after the procedure and now they look good as new.  Thanks. Brian

  13. I have a stain from setting a bottle of toilet cleaner on the counter. It seemed to have bleached out the color from the granite. Is there anyway to get the stain out or restore the color?

  14. My stain was caused by a pink post it note that was wet and lie there on the granite too long. I don’t know which poltice agent to use for this kind of stain

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