Quartz Black Epoxy Countertops With Silver Mica Flakes

Quartz Black Epoxy Countertops With Silver Mica Flakes
Black Quartz can be made in your own Kitchen!
Learn How to make Black Epoxy Countertops with Silver Mica Flakes.
This is an easy DIY project that is fun and will produce amazing results. This video will teach many tips and tricks to help you create a project you’ll love! You Got This! products designed for the DIY customer to go pro! Thank you!

26 thoughts on “Quartz Black Epoxy Countertops With Silver Mica Flakes”

  1. GodsBlessingsRForUs

    This is my favorite counter top that you have done. ????????????????❤️ Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful countertop!! One of my favorites. A few questions though, what about curing time, before you wipe or sit anything on it and how does it hold up to heat? (I would think 72 hrs at 70ish degrees would be enough time to cure) IF someone accidentally sit a hot Dish or pan directly on it, how would it react? I loooove your videos btw!!! ????????

  3. Fantastic! Are these finishes compatible with glass ? I have a round glass table … thanks !

  4. I love your videos and products. Can you please do a video on doing counterparts backslashes.

  5. Is there any way to give an epoxy top a weathered look, or will they all be smooth and high gloss?

  6. This is gorgeous. I would love to see a white one with a little less glitter. New black and stainless appliances have made my small kitchen kind of dark. I intend on doing something about the old worn, speckled, dark mauve (ugh!) countertops (I cannot WAIT LOL) and want to go with something white based to brighten it up in there, but plain white is just too boring. Marbled might be ok, but I’m kind of over that look too. Everyone I know has marble something.

  7. Alexander Araya

    I really love this !!!! I will start practicing with this because I want to try it with my counter top….your videos and ideas are absolutely gorgeous

  8. This time next week i should have completed my 1st stonecoat project. If this turns out as great i got several more to do.

  9. Wow! I love all the samples in the background and the picture within the picture, you REALLY GOT THIS on this video Mr. Stonecoat!!!

  10. Flawless job… The background is distracting I almost wished that was the wall in my garage hahaha.

  11. Great demonstration! You got the lighting right this time! You sneaked in your employee training in a demonstration, talk about optimizing!

  12. My counertop has a backsplash attached to it. Can u show how to do that, Please? AIso, is there any way around the blowtorch? I’m really afraid to use that in my small 2ndd floor condo. If not, I guess I have to go with the Leggarri which I really would rather not do.

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