Indian Fantasy Brown Marble

Outdoor BBQ

Project: Outdoor BBQ

Material: Indian Fantasy Brown Marble

Location: Tempe, Arizona

Challenges: Only two slabs, very busy material and desire for waterfall feature.

The customer contacted us after having issues with their current fabricator, they purchased two slabs of the material and there was no more material available, the job had to be done with just the two slabs. The client also wanted a waterfall feature, we worked really hard on this one, trying to figure out the layout to make it work in just two slabs. The client also made some concessions and in the end was very happy with the results.

Result: We kept this project on 2cm with no lamination, not only is recommended it for the outdoors but it also gives it a modern look. The pattern was matched at the waterfall and in general, the flow of the pattern was kept uniform.

Tips for future customers: Always buy a little more material if the pattern and seam placement are important to you, for outdoor kitchens, we recommended 3cm natural stone and stone slabs that has very little to no mica (very solid), a light material also helps, slabs with the finish of Satin or Leathered dove ry well outside as well.

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