Fantasy Brown Satin Marble

Kitchen Countertops

Project: Kitchen Countertops

Material: Fantasy Brown Satin Marble

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

This property has a lot of counter space and the customer really liked Fantasy Brown Satin material. Slabs were book-matched which helped have nice seams, apart from having this beautiful material the client wanted the tops to be as simple as possible. They decided on regular laminated edges and no waterfalls or any other extra features, this was done intentionally as the customer wanted to avoid the decoration and finishing touches being overwhelming.

We sell Fantasy Brown Satin at our showroom and we also install custom granite countertops.

Tips for future customers: When having big islands that will need a big seam always try to procure book-matched slabs, if not possible then be open to the seams not matching completely. Some finishes like Satin, Leathered, Brushed fell and look different than the traditional polished finish, make sure to inspect the slabs closely to make sure you are committed to the finish.

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