Processing Granite Blocks Into Slabs In Brazil

Processing Granite Blocks Into Slabs In Brazil
This is the the first factory I visited in brazil. It was certainly interesting. I learned a lot. Some interesting points are, it takes 3-5 days to saw through a block of granite. Then one side of the cut piece is polished. This shows part of the process first hand at a facility in Brazil.

7 thoughts on “Processing Granite Blocks Into Slabs In Brazil”

  1. Fernando Garcia

    Im looking for buy one container with granite and import to Mexico, can you tell me the ñame of de industry?

  2. Joseph L. Daniell

    Need to purchase 16,000SQFT of Santa Cecilia Light SLABS to be shipped in 4 20′ containers to SAV port, USA.  Prices reflect FOB.  Please reply in price per Square Foot and delivery time.  Please note that we have 18 projects to order and this being the first.  JLD

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