Painting Our RV Countertops With Granite Countertop Paint

Painting Our RV Countertops With Granite Countertop Paint
Today, we’ll show you how we gave our laminate countertops a fresh makeover using granite countertop paint … and it looks amazing!

We found a Giani granite countertop paint kit on clearance at Camping World for (originally priced at ) so we decided to give it a try. We are so glad we did; for several reasons: They look great, painting the existing countertops is far less expensive than purchasing new countertops, and we love that we get an updated look without adding the old junk to some landfill.

The actual application wasn’t difficult but does require a little technique. You want to be careful not to soak your sponge in paint or you’ll end up with big blobs of one color and also try to your application pattern as random as possible. It’s really fun when you get the hang of it and find your groove.

This project drastically changed the look of the countertops and we are thrilled with the outcome. When we showed our friends and family the countertops they couldn’t believe the “granite” was painted on.

Giani granite countertop paint →

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18 thoughts on “Painting Our RV Countertops With Granite Countertop Paint”

  1. hi! Nice video! I’d just like to point out that it is “scouring stick” pronounced like “sour” or “hour”. 🙂 These are pumice sticks made from volcanic rock, and they are traditionally used to scour toilets. They are great at getting off limescale without scratching the bowl. That grit is it dissolving, which it is made to do, and it is really handy for scrubbing a lot of things that are really dirty. For anyone who wants to use one, they work best if you soak the pumice in water before you use it. It absorbs the water. You can buy these at Walmart or Publix and they are by the toilet cleaning products, just in case anyone is looking for one. They are very inexpensive about a buck and a half, and are very safe. Great job on this and all your other videos. I think I’ve kind of binged on them. 😀

  2. Amazing job! I just recently subscribed and had seen the reveal video first. I was a bit surprised you had bought granite countertops and even more surprised when I later saw how you did it.

  3. Now that time has passed and your counter-tops and table-top are in constant use, I am curious on how well the paint and clear-coat has held up. When you clean your counters vigorously do you find it scratches the surface?..also, do you have to use cutting boards all the time? My neighbor in our duplex has done this method in her kitchen, but I must admit your counter-tops look so much better than hers!

  4. I just found your channel tonight. You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up and you will do so well.

  5. If a more durable top coat is wanted, check into a 2 part epoxy (like what bar counters have). Can also get creative and add items underneath the epoxy like photo prints, coins, glitter, any number of things.

  6. How well has it held up to hear from your stove an other things? Any discoloration at all or is it holding up well?

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