Lazy Granite Kitchen Countertop Installation Video

Lazy Granite Kitchen Countertop Installation Video
John shows us how to install the Lazy Granite ( kitchen countertop system. This is all natural granite, mini slab solution. It’s a lot nicer than 12×12 tile but a heck of a lot less expensive than granite slab. Remodel your kitchen countertops in Phoenix on a reasonable budget. Install granite for the same cost as formica.

37 thoughts on “Lazy Granite Kitchen Countertop Installation Video”

  1. tip number 1 and the only tip DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME. This is a homeowner special special

  2. You start by making a video then finish the most important part with pictures…..Looks like you got Lazy with this video

  3. Ricardo Fregozo

    you have a long way to go .. to teach it need’s to be there the technic and the full knowledge of the matter !! keep going some day you will know all the trick of the trade !#

  4. lol ugly granite countertops should be done prefabs or custom to many joins seems… This is coming from some one does this for a living

  5. I think it looks exactly like what it is lazy granite what’s the point if you have spacer seams. I would not be happy with the job look at the video. I’d rather epoxy my laminate countertop

  6. terrible. thought I was the only one until I started reading all the comments. joining stones with spacer ruins the look of stone.

  7. One the most ridiculous ugly looking pieces of granite I’ve seen and the stupidest idea, also there is nothing lazy and simple about this install what did you really accomplish saving money wise probably not much at all with a whole bunch of seems in some really ugly granite

  8. This absolutely did not increase the value of the house and looks terrible. What a waste of money and time.

  9. We like the counter we did like this but no seams or contrasting grout. It was a huge improvement. It’s a difficult DYI in our opinion so kudos to you for going for it.

  10. it could have been done seamlessly with proper tools and equipment… and still use the same materials

  11. Why youre not installing the large granite and laying it out to make it look smooth and plain..

  12. Thank you. Take it or leave it , you have been able to make your mark on how to make a positive difference to a kitchen at a fraction of normal price . Good job

  13. LOL this has got to be a joke…what i mean is who would use this kind of product? great informative video though.

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