Instant Granite Install – Countertops

Instant Granite Install – Countertops
This video shows how to install Instant Granite on a regular counter top. Instant Granite has appeared on national TV shows, has been mentioned in the New York Times, and on many movies and TV sets. You’ve probably seen Instant Granite and didn’t even know it. Please see our channel for more videos or visit our website at This video does not show corners or sinks, please see our other videos for how to install Instant Granite Peel and Stick granite material on edges, corners, and around sinks.

21 thoughts on “Instant Granite Install – Countertops”

  1. This looks great. I’d like to get started but how do you get it to sit flush around the corners?

  2. I just put this on over the weekend. Its much thicker than contact paper. I wil be checking for more colors.

  3. Chinda Chaiaree

    I will be purchasing this soon! But How do I apply this on an L shape counter top for a flawless finish?

  4. I’m doing this over old formica, mine has a rolled backsplash, kinda like the video, do you start it on the top of the backsplash and work down towards front of the sink???

  5. And here I thought you were supposed to spray water underneath. This dry way makes more sense to me, you don’t want mold and mildew growing underneath that thing O.o

  6. I used a similar product that I bought on Amazon. It did make my kitchen counter look 100%better, but it was hard to roll out and not easy to put without having bubbles. It’s an inexpensive fix, but NOT as easy at it looks

  7. KJV 1611 Bible Believing Fundamentalist

    Thank you for posting! My slumlord apartment complex has been giving us a hard time to resurface the countertops. After asking for months I have finally decided to do the work myself. If I had only known the alternative would be so cheap on eBay I would have done it months ago. Hopefully all goes well when I receive next week and looks fairly easy to do.

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