How To Seal Your Granite Countertops – Granite Shorts Ep.4

How To Seal Your Granite Countertops – Granite Shorts Ep.4 Visit for new videos. Why, when, and how should you reseal your granite countertops. Watch this demonstration provided by and purchase the sealer at would like to thank you for watching our video and please feel free to leave comments. If you have a questions for our staff, please contact us at , or

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  1. Don’t use your shower for a day or two and keep the door open (preferably a widow as well) to completely dry the stone. Then seal it with a good sealer (like the Superior ZERO sealer available at in the morning and once more at night. Follow the instructions on the bottle. Wear a mask – you don’t want to seal your lungs. That should do it. Reseal again in a month, then two months, then 4 months. That should keep it sealed for a few years.

  2. Does temperature make a difference when sealing granite? I struggle to polish off the haze which shows track marks.

  3. great video! thanks for the help. I was curious, my granite sealer was very hazy after an hour of letting it dry. I got a buffer to try and get it glossy again. I’m not sure what I’m doing. Wonder if I bought the wrong stuff? It says stone sealer on the bottle. Instructions are very similar to what you mentioned in the video as well.

  4. I recently purchased a table top and found that when we got it in front of our window, low and behold, it was full, and I mean full of what look like crevices, almost like the whole top had something on the surface that cracked…like a cracked egg shell…we had the manufacturer come see it, and they said it is just the natural stone. Is there any way to make the surface smooth or at least shine?

  5. Have you seen the stone before hand? Did you at least get a sample of the stone?

    These crevices or pits are most likely natural. They can be filled with an epoxy but it’s a lot of work, depending on the size of the table. What stone was it?

  6. Benjamin Camacho

    All natural stone like marble, granite, travertine etc…is porous and depending on the type or place of installation will usually call out for what type of sealer can or should not be applied to the stone, I read here your is installed in a shower as a bench so it calls out for a penetrating (impregnator) type of sealer and this will not act as a moisture or water barrier, the stone continues to be porous or absorbent to water which is how it should remain to prevent deteriorations problems.

  7. my tabletop have no shine and i bought a lot of products from home depot i have tried everything and it still look dull how do i get a luster of shine…the table is granite. HELP

  8. If it was sealed improperly, there could be a layer of hazy residue (dried sealer) on the surface.

  9. I would wait until next day to let it dry/bond completely. Check the instructions on the sealer for complete drying time.

  10. The trick is not to let the sealer dry. Keep spraying/brushing it on as it starts drying. Keep the surface wet for at least 15 minutes.

  11. My granite countertops don’t have any stains… but just a few minutes after cleaning the surface when I run my hand across it there’s a bit of a gritty feeling. Does this mean it needs to be resealed?

  12. I have an outdoor counter top for my pool house bar that I would like to seal. Do I use the same method you showed on the video? Also, will my granite discolor being outside in Canada with cold winters?

  13. I specialize in stone restoration in NYC…
    READ THIS!!! OMG SEALER, IF I PUT A LOT OF SEALER I WILL SEAL IT FOREVER—> WRONG. use tiny amount (for that table like 3-4 sprays) and spread it around with a towel. wait 30 minutes (or as long as the sealer manufacture recommends)   Then repeat the processes again.  Be aware that some sealers might repel polisher/crystallizer fluids so you will never be able to maintain its polish without grinding stone surface first and thats $$$….

  14. I had beautiful exotic granite installed in my kitchen 4 months ago.  The installers told me to reseal the granite every 3 months.  I used StoneTech BulletProof Stone Sealer according to the instructions but the next day water stains still appears almost instantly when the counter got wet. We pretty much had to reseal it a month later.  Now it seems a little better.  
    Also, it’s not as shiny as I thought.  My mom had hers installed recently and her’s is so shiny.
    What brand(s) do you recommend?  How often?  And are some better for shine than others?


  15. We purchased a double sink bathroom vanity from one of the big wholesale stores and it had instructions that the top needed to be sealed before using. But, when the light hits the top or you look close at the top you can see scratches and the pores of the stone; but, rubbing your hand across the top of the granite it feels pretty smooth and without looking at the top closely it looks smooth and has a shine.

    I’ve got few questions for you or anyone who knows:

    -With sealing this top myself, should I try to sand and buff the lite scratches out or will the sealer fill in the shallow scratches and visible pores for the most part?

    -I found out that the type of granite is named “Brazilian Giallo Cecilia” and without being sealed, liquids soak into it very quickly; we are able to see a dark spot withing 20 seconds or so of water getting on the stone.  So we are wondering if there are different types of sealer for different types of granite since some will absorb liquids quicker than others?      

    -With this being a bathroom vanity which will be used daily and will end up having all types of liquids on it; everything from water and soaps to oils and fingernail polish remover….  Do we look for a heavy duty sealer made for frequent use areas or do we just find a good sealer and seal the top more often than suggested?

    -Which leads to my last question; what sealer would you suggest using for a bathroom vanity top?  We have gotten a different solution/suggestion from every home improvement store and the couple speciality stone stores in our area that we have visited to ask for suggestions.  We are a little wary of the specialty stores because it always seem that they are pushing one particular product or bad mouthing a product that is suggested by a different store and sometimes the hardware store associates don’t seem to know the answer to our questions.  So now we turn to YouTube and the experts users who have already experienced what we are trying to get an answer for; I’m sure that we aren’t the first to ask these questions…

    We apologize for the all the questions and thank you or anyone who responds in advance for any help or suggestions that’s provided. 

  16. i want to seal my ganite but I am scared that it will enhance all the black imperfections on it… makes it look polka dotted..can you recommend a sealer that will make it look the same whne it is dry. i would love to enhance the stone part but the imperfections prevent that. i dont want all the islands to show up all over even more that they already do.. thank you

  17. I have a black granite sink countertop. Someone left a bottle of nail Polish remover, or alcohol, etc on it. It now has a “white ring” where it sat. We tried polishing it out, but it now looks like a whitish blotch. Could there be a coating on the granite that was damaged? Will this sealant get rid if this white area? Thanks.

  18. Hey Walter short’s it’s me again. now Walter i’m not picking on you your just a bit green behind the ears. Not to brag but i got 30+ years of experience on you i have invented stone tools and used every sealer ever made for stone so take heed to my criticism Walter that’s how you learn.first of all most granite have a complex heat treated coating on them already but i better safe than sorry you use a petroleum penetrating (impregnator)based sealer like 511 or something made by a company that invented the stuff 25 years into the business and you do not let it sit on your counter that long thats a no no right before it drys you wipe with a dry cloth oh and you apply with a foam applicator like the soundproof foam and if you wait to long streaks don’t go away you use your damp applicator and it reactivates the sealer and streaks and dry immediately and wallah you have solved the myth of sealing granite that is the correct way.anymore questions on stone Walter feel free to ask just don’t confuses the people T hank’s Walter

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