How To Seal Slate Or Natural Stone Tiles

How To Seal Slate Or Natural Stone Tiles
Use a sealer to protect your slate or stone counter or shower. It’s easy to do and should be done every six months.

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  1. I’m curious about 511 also. it’s application is 3 years, seems too good to be true if you’re advising ever 6 months.

  2. At what point is it best sealing? , of course you seal when all layed and grouted but ive read that you seal prior to grouting as grout is easier to come off do you have to seal twice ?   brfore & after grouting ? , also do u have so sort out all thickness of tiles first and start with thickest first and then build up thinner type with adhesive??

  3. We have a massive 3,000 sq ft job that is natural 18″x18″ yellow slate. It needs to be cleaned but not really stripped, the home owner keeps it very, very nice. She wants a shinny wet look to the slate.  Any recommendations for a cleaning agent and a sealant??  I have looked into 511 and it seems great, but does not leave a wet sheen.  

  4. I have a large entry way (so lots of traffic) and use TILELab gloss sealer and finish about once every year or year and a half. Easy to use and looks great with a wet look finish.

  5. I have a few questions…Does the sealer need to be wiped off after 15 minutes?  If I seal more than once, how long do need to wait between applications? Thank you!

  6. hi, I’m just paying a carpenter to install a beautiful natural slave tiles on my bathroom floor, but i have a question , before installing the tiles to the floor ,does he needs to apply the sealer to the tiles and also before the grout ? thanks

  7. vickie shelbourne

    I’ve just watched your video. I have a slate floor, put in 6 years ago or so. Ive never done anything with it at all. Recently I see there are patchs of darker areas on it, not exactly wet. I’m worried there is dampness underneath. If I drop water on them, it does pool on top, so is it sealed? Should I reseal it with appropriate sealant? Thankyou for your advice.

  8. Enrique Alvarez Romo

    Hi i need your help
    i need to seal lava stone, for Cook in it.
    how can i do it?
    i will apreciate your help.

  9. Danny – Good question,I have been laying tile for about 18 years and there are times when it’s good to seal the stone first before you lay it. But I have installed slate many times and never sealed it before laying it. You can seal it before grouting but I haven’t done that either. If it is rough with deep crevices you have to really clean it good and get all the grout off the slate before sealing it. If you want to keep the natural dry look of the slate just seal the crap out of it after grout is cured and floor is complete. If you want to darken it up and give it a little sheen then seal and enhance it.

  10. Terri Borzillo

    My slate fireplace hasn’t been sealed in YEARS. I have water rings all over and don’t know how to remove them. I read on-line to use a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide but it did not work. Any way to remove the staining before I seal it?

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