How To Profile & Polish Granite Countertop DIY

How To Profile & Polish Granite Countertop DIY
From this is a video on how to profile and polish granite countertop for Do-It-Yourselfers. We turned a piece of 1-1/4″ granite with very rough edge into a beautifully polished 3/8″ radius edge. This is part of a 26 minute video that demonstrated the following skills and techniques: 1. Grinding with turbo diamond cup wheel; 2. Straight cutting with grinder and diamond blade; 3. Creating radius profile with hand profiler; 4. Edge Polishing with dry diamond polishing pads; 5. Re-sharpening of glazed polishing pads; The video introduced different tools to be used for edge profiling and polishing, and unveiled the mystery surrounding granite fabrication. You will surely find this video very informational and instructive if you ever want to tackle such a project that has seemed to be mission impossible before. Please contact us or visit our website  for all diamond tools for granite counter top fabrication.

5 thoughts on “How To Profile & Polish Granite Countertop DIY”

  1. @lickmydirtynutz What class! The location of the demonstration has NOTHING to do with his knowledge.

  2. skip the 200 and the 1500 light colored stones polish just as good with out them. Granite fabricator of 8 years.

  3. @alphabetical010 because there isn’t diamonds in your polisher. the pads he uses have diamonds in then and they will scratch the top if he hits it with a pad. the grinder will not do any thing to it

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