How To Paint A Faux Granite Countertop [Under $100]

How To Paint A Faux Granite Countertop [Under 0]
A step by step tutorial on how to paint a laminate counter top to look like granite.

I used Giani Granite Counter top Paint (Small Kit) that I purchased from for under . The regular size kit you can get at Lowes or Home Depot for under 0!

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7 thoughts on “How To Paint A Faux Granite Countertop [Under $100]”

  1. I had the black primer peel up. like you could scratch into it. and yes I did do the cleaning process precise. I’m sad

  2. My son is out of town hopefully I get to it then. If I can’t it might be a while for me to reply back. But I assure you I will

  3. I did mine as a white, grey and darker grey granite look. it looks fantastic. the primer did well. the polyethylene is a good one. Rustoleum dry 3x quicker type. it dried in no time..but I think that is a flawed concept. even with proper mixing it was more of a thick sticky substance hard to work with. I gave a wonderfully sturdy hard finish..BUT I used the exact roller to use but it was not the perfect smooth surface I expected. in the light it isn’t the exact smoothness throughout the surface. it still looks great. I’m going to do my bathroom and kitchen now using different obscure patterns and colors. thank you for your tutorial and inspiration

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