How To Install Granite Countertops On A Budget – Part 1 Removing The Old Tile

How To Install Granite Countertops On A Budget – Part 1 Removing The Old Tile
How to install a granite slab kitchen counter on the cheap! This is a do it yourself project that I can hopefully complete in less than a week. Granite is a great surface for kitchen counters, the only drawback is its weight, and difficulty to cut.

16 thoughts on “How To Install Granite Countertops On A Budget – Part 1 Removing The Old Tile”

  1. Awesome endeavored man. You are a great American. It’s people like you who made this country, people who could figure things out and weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. You should catch my video on how to install your own HVAC or DIY Rings & Valves. That said I’ve got to ding you on your safety practices. Granite dust does not clear the lungs very well. No eye protection, ear protection, and don’t get me started on GFI.

  2. Continued………….But hey, you got her done and you’ll be safe working like that until you’re not. Your technique leaves a lot to be desired but man do I admire your chutzpah.

  3. Where can you get all of that granite for so little money? Is it man made granite? Did you special order or off the shelf? Very inspiring video.

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed the videos. I bought the granite off the shelf from a place called hd supply. Ask around in your area. They won’t have it at lowes or home depot, but most vicinities have a place that sells granite slab.

  5. 724 gypsy..  5 min and finally shows us how to do the job. but most people on u tube just want there fifteen min of fame.  I have seen worse.   

  6. I got only a few mins into this video before I realized that no one should take advice from someone who uses a chisel to remove wall tile. Any real skilled trades person knows not to abuse and misuse their tools!

  7. Okay im giving my secret away but goto a local granite shop and ask if you can take all the scraps off their hands. I usually get about 6 to 8 pallets staked about 4feet high every month or two. you will have a lot of little pieces but I also usually get some 4×4’s bigger or smaller keep collecting the big pieces of the color you choose and with in no time you will have enough to lay them the modular way. I had my supplier cut the pieces and round the edges and I got a free granite counter top and he gets rid of what he used to have to pay to have hauled away I went with black cause it was most common, but I do use the other pieces for stuff I make and sell as well from cutting boards to pavers and furniture or you could just take the stuff somewhere like a recycle center.

  8. wow, thanks for waisting my time. 12 minutes and you didn’t show me anything about granite…. nice job, maybe you should have titled the video differently.

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