How To Install A New Granite Countertop

How To Install A New Granite Countertop
This video shows the installation of a Granite Countertop, also securing plywood to the base counter. Then adhering the plywood to the Granite. Please Share and Subscribe.

Key Chain-

How to remove a stripped screw:

How to remove old tile countertop:

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Disclaimer: First and Foremost, this video is meant for entertainment purposes not instructional or tutorial. I am not a professional, nor contractor. I am a home owner and a DIY. person who tries to do all my own home improvements. ALWAYS consult a professional before you do any improvements. Also, you may have building codes in your area that differ from mine. You may need permits from your county or city. It is your responsibility to know your local laws, and to find out the way you need to do something via code. Do not use my video as a professional guide. Make sure you research proper protocol for whatever procedure you are going to attempt. And remember, safety is also your responsibility. Know and read all tool information. Take a safety class or get assistance when needed.

12 thoughts on “How To Install A New Granite Countertop”

  1. I’m going to remodel my house just curious how much that slab of granite was I have a similar sized island

  2. is that all the glue that is required to hold down that top? seems to me that you need a lot more, else that top is liable to fall off

  3. I thought granite could be put on top of plywood.  I see so many video’s where they put cement board down first on top of the plywood and wondered if that was necessary.  I put tile down on old laminate about five yrs ago and haven’t had any issues at all.

  4. Hi, I like the video, do you have one on a kitchen counter top as well, I would like to see it

  5. I would personally use apoxy resin as the wrong silicone can come trough the stone and leave a mark ( pourous granites) plus if you want to replace the granite without damaging anything apoxy is brittle but strong so a couple of right placed taps will release as with silicone you will have a hard time not damaging the granite or the units.

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