How To Install A Kitchen Countertop — Buildipedia DIY

How To Install A Kitchen Countertop — Buildipedia DIY
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Installing a kitchen countertop is a project almost any do-it-yourselfer can handle. Join host Jeff Wilson as he remodels a kitchen by installing a recycled glass countertop.

24 thoughts on “How To Install A Kitchen Countertop — Buildipedia DIY”

  1. that’s the worst install I’ve ever seen. no seem tool put together with silicone. it goes together with epoxy and a seem tool dude, lol you remind me of cheap chuck in a truck

  2. when I replace my Counter tops, how do I do it without having to take out the Sink it’s all cool but.

    I want the Sink to stay in tact!

  3. YUNGHENDY 凶悪犯

    do NOT use silicone for your seam/joint that is stupid it will eventually pop. Use an epoxy glue

  4. Very nice…..But, Not is Channer lock, this is the brand, it’s a Adjustable Plier. Thank you for you show.

  5. 10 videos until I watched yours… Thanks very much!!! They always show countertops installation then a shot with a sink with tap already installed. For a dummy “like me” (but that was before this video)… I always install the tap after the sink has been installed. It is then too hard to install the tap as there is a limited space between the sink and the wall, most especially for 10-12″ deep sink. Of course now I know that you have to install not just the sink but the tap as well and just position it in the prepared wood base for it. BTW, I see that in any event I need to replace an old tap, I might have to encounter the same problem for access though, limited space to work on. .. although as I type, I realized: why not a very long screw driver for easier access?? Toinks! !!! We just get clever each day or as the minute passes by, eh?

  6. not very careful with that granite should be using something to help support it on the more fragile pieces it will break.

  7. You make it look so easy – Im keen to give it a go because of you lol. Just need the proper tools, drills…Thankyou from the heart of Australia!

  8. You want a tip? Keep around a small amount of cheap plumbers putty and roll a 1/4″ bead in your hands to form a circle around where the hole will go plus a half and inch or so around the perimeter. Then add just enough water to keep the drilling area from going dry, adding water as the hole gets deeper.

  9. Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha this process will butt fuck your kitchen hahahahahaha

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  11. I’ll ship your vanities to you . order InFurniture Inc @ HOUZZ,
    916 as your middle name I’ll ask for your discount but I doubt it pal

  12. Those anchors get pushed out when screw goes past anchor.. Also did you epoxy them in to place? Did you under size the hole? What size are they 7/16?

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