How To Hand Polish Granite Countertops

How To Hand Polish Granite Countertops
How to Hand Polish Granite Countertops


There are many methods for putting a profile on the edge here we are using matic polisher we load the stone in the machine the edge polisher can also be used for doing various profiles for the heads are moving back and forth for a full nights. We remove the piece and here’s the finished product ok remember what I showed you had at length with orbit and that’s all right now we’ve got college. I can be a little bit tricky because it’s just not a straight bob if you take a closer look at this little radius. Here if we were to go in there with our record on pad we would be able to make that radius really tough to do so there’s a special technique for doing that. I’m going to show you how we do that you’ll notice we have three different-sized bad drivers here we have a 2-inch we have a 3-inch we have a forage bad right what we can do is take the 2-inch pad driver take a 3-inch diameter and you’ll see what happens when i place it on there like that relax with that allows us to do the lab less actually curve into the radius like this year see on this side it allows us to curve in like that were to be able to polish. Now the second problem we have here we’ve actually rounded this over with a roundover bit the problem is around bit only go so far on both sides so what we have to do is finish it by him. This is what the craftsmanship this is where you have to be very careful shaping that will show you exactly how to do that now the diamonds are going to use are going to be the story about the PX 200 501 down 2012 13 inch and the four inches and we’ll show you how to college so with that said let’s start the machine and get started ok this particular technique takes some practice you need to make sure you hold a machine steady and most importantly it don’t want to go up over the top on the surface of the grant itself so practice is the key here. yeah! switch your grits here we’re using the 500 continue polishing and go through the remaining great sequence.

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