How To DRILL Holes In GRANITE Countertops (Quick And Easy)

How To DRILL Holes In GRANITE Countertops (Quick And Easy)
Short tutorial on how to drill holes in granite countertops. This works for any other stone surface too. Quartz, Marble and Granite. Really easy when you get the feel for it. And after you get the hole started, the rest is simple. Pease Share and Like.

I use a Mikita grinder and a 1 3/8″ wet/dry core bit with side diamonds. The side diamonds make drilling allot easier. I wouldn’t buy a bit that didn’t have them. And what makes is a dry bit is the ventilation slots on the side of the bit. This helps keeps the drill cool when not using water.

Video and editing by Jay Zagar

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  1. Personally I would use a guide (better safe than sorry plus more accuracy) and I would add water to the drill bit and the stone so minimising heat to the diamond metal and stone. PS great work and only advising from past experience.

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