How To Clean A Quartz Countertops

Part of what makes Cambria quartz countertops so great for your home is the easy-clean convenience. All you need is water and a warm cloth. Mild soap or other Cambria-approved cleaners are optional. See how to clean quartz countertops with ease and learn which cleaning products to avoid using on Cambria in this video.

2 thoughts on “How To Clean A Quartz Countertops”

  1. None of those cleaners kill bacteria. Kitchen counters need to be sterilized occasionally. Can you use a diluted bleach type cleaner if it’s wiped afterward so it doesn’t sit on it?

  2. Diamond Surface Armour Pty Ltd

    No bleach will damage the surface…. it will send white to a brownish yellow if used at high concentrations or prolonged use.

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