How To Clean Granite Countertops

How To Clean Granite Countertops
Steve explains how to clean, disinfect, and maintain your granite countertops. A few simple steps and you can maintain your granite looking as new as when you first had it installed.

35 thoughts on “How To Clean Granite Countertops”

  1. I’m going to try this these steps tonight and let you know how it goes, also I’m wondering how often do you use the alcohol and water mix?

  2. I thought you shouldn’t use windex , because of the amonia, why is it that every body is different of do’s and don’t.

  3. Thanks for the video!! Can I use this on our Uba Tuba granite countertops? How do I know when we need to seal them again? When they installed them, they said that we didn’t need to reseal them, but I know I’ve used other cleaning products on them that I shouldn’t have. We’ve had them in for about 10 yrs. now…One of the guys said just use Simple Green to clean them..Waiting on your response & Thanks for this video!!

  4. Jennifer La Vacca

    Hi, thanks for the informative videos. I have granite in the bathrooms as well as the kitchen. The isopropyl method doesn’t seem to cut through the hard water / soap buildup on the countertops, around the faucet knobs. You said don’t use vinegar, but would baking soda be okay to try?

  5. OMG, what a beautiful singing voice. The rubbing alcohol comes in 70% and 90% does that matter?

  6. Great video. However, please note that although Isopropyl alcohol kills certains type of bacteria, dilution to 50 % does away with its effectiveness to disinfect.
    I like the fact that helps with the shine……

  7. Hello can you help and tell me how to make it chin my table is the not real granite, I think they calling Korean. Or something lake that. pls I want my table chaining. pls pls. thanks again

  8. You have a lovely voice. I have been using vinaiger, but I am breaking out the alcohol. TY

  9. Robin Calicchia

    Love your singing!! Can you tell me how to get hard water deposits off of marble??

  10. What a beautiful voice and thanks for sharing your awesome ideas about how to clean countertops.

  11. Anders Stengaard Jensen

    He says vinegar is a no go with granite – that confuses me as I am just back from a table top supplier asking advice for how to get rid of some white stains on my granite-table top that are there because of the hard water in our area – meaning lime. The advise I got was to soak a cloth of some kind in vinegar, leave it on the table top – let it work for “a while”, this should dissolve the lime. My counter is natural granite – its not marble. Vinegar should be OK for this?

  12. Hey I know that great singing voice. Good to see and hear you again. Thanks for the info, it has helped me take care of my granite. Bravo

  13. It seems that my new granite countertop will be too finicky and requires too much care. It also seems I will have to care more often than a non-granite countertop. I don’t have it yet, but I think I am going to hate granite.

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