How Natural Stone is Made |

How Natural Stone is Made |
At, our stone comes from the best quarries located around the world. Since we partner with these quarries directly, our customers are sure to get the best prices possible.

Natural stone is formed starting miles underneath the Earth’s surface. Boiling molten rock builds pressure and rises through the cracks in the Earth’s surface. The magma eventually hardens and transforms into a material known as granite. The material can then be mined from the Earth. Once the stone is extracted from the mountain, the blocks of stone are broken down into a more manageable size. These pieces are then cut into slabs using a high-powered gangsaw. Water is used in combination with saws to prevent heating. After the slabs are cut, they are polished to enhance the natural beauty of the stone, as they begin to close resemble the finished product. has many years of experience and an outstanding reputation in the industry. This means that quarries reserve their most premier stones for us. To ensure the highest quality product possible, our representatives visit the quarries and hand-select only the best stones. Then our slabs are shipped directly to us. goes to great lengths to give our customers the widest variety of the world’s best natural stones. With over 2,000 color varieties of stones to chose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your project.

We would like to give a special thanks to the Vermont Danby Quarry for allowing us to film the footage for this video.

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