How Granite Countertops Took Over American Kitchens

How Granite Countertops Took Over American Kitchens
Granite countertops are an American obsession. But how did they become so ubiquitous? Our nation’s countertop history has had a few surprising twists and turns.

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Granite countertops are beautiful, but aren’t they a little overrated? In the past, Americans loved their formica and laminate countertops, so what changed the kitchen landscape?

It turns out that stone imports from countries like Brazil and Italy, improved means of importing and cutting granite, and a general decrease in cost made the once-elite material accessible to the HGTV-loving masses. The history of granite countertops isn’t just about shiny counters, but about international trade, technology, and how trends trickle down from elites to the masses.

Is granite here to stay? Who knows — quartz may prove to be formidable competition. But now at least you won’t take it for granted (yes, we knowingly passed up the opportunity to write “take it for granite” — classy, right?).

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17 thoughts on “How Granite Countertops Took Over American Kitchens”

  1. I just bought a new house despite the granite contertops not because of them. I would have preferred butcher block.

  2. greenbluepurple000

    I’ve lived in homes with formica, tile, and granite counter tops. Granite is the best. Sorry to disappoint, guys.

  3. at 2:05 in the right corner, there is the doll that looks like annabel. Not the cinematized one, but the original one.huh, weird

  4. I didn’t know in america granite was status. Here in Brazil is the cheapest material for countertops…

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