Granite Vs Soapstone | Countertop Comparison

Granite Vs Soapstone | Countertop Comparison
Let’s talk about the differences between Granite and Soapstone
Granite is an igneous rock formed by liquid magma that cools and solidifies making it extremely durable and resistant to both heat and scratches. Granite will last for a lifetime with the proper maintenance. We recommend sealing your granite countertops AZ every six months and cleaning them daily.

Granite has countless different color and pattern options, and no slab is will ever be the same as another since it is a natural stone, making each project truly unique. At, we receive shipments of new granite colors daily from around the world.

Soapstone is composed of mineral talc, which makes soapstone on the softer side of natural stones, but the balance of quartz in the composition of soapstone countertops increases its strength.
Soapstone will not stain and it is also heat resistant. Since soapstone is non-porous, it doesn’t need sealing and bacteria will not be able to penetrate it, making it a sanitary countertop option.

The color of soapstone darkens with age, giving a beautiful worn look that is sought after but many elite interior designers for luxury projects. It comes in varying shades of grey and can have hints of green, black and blue. For a more rustic look, some applications of mineral oil will darken soapstone evenly for an appealing rustic appearance.

To recap, granite has a wide selection of color choices and is also very durable. It will fit any project from kitchens to bathrooms and everything in between. However, if you’d prefer a rustic look with less maintenance, soapstone is a great choice.


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