Granite vs Quartz-The Ultimate Showdown

Before you sat down to tackle your budget for your kitchen countertop remodel on your Arizona home you probably couldn’t make up your mind on whether you wanted granite countertops or quartz countertops. You asked yourself, “What are the pros? What are the cons? What’s the difference?” or quite possibly, “What was in that egg sandwich I had for breakfast this morning?” Let us help you remember your breakfast every morning, prepared on a shiny, new granite or quartz countertop installed by Granite Karma. You deserve it. Let us also clear up the granite versus quartz quarrel for you and highlight some of their attractive features and the not so attractive ones as well.

1. Appearance

Granite, being a natural stone, comes in many different hues from earthy tones to pinks, greens and blues, decorated with intricate veining, sparkle, and specks. Each slab is truly unique so no two kitchen countertops will look the same. That is the beauty of granite. However, if more than one slab is needed for your project you’ll want to make sure that you’re slabs match up, otherwise you’ll get an offbeat transition from one slab to the next. A professional AZ granite installer can get the job done right.

Quartz, otherwise known as engineered stone, comes in a wider collection of colors and patterns since pigments are added during production making quartz much more uniform from slab to slab. The color options are what homeowners find the most attractive about quartz because it allows for more creative freedom in your design. It’s the perfect choice for a modern kitchen.

2. Maintenance

Granite needs to be resealed once a year for it to maintain its beauty and durability. Although it is stain resistant if sealed correctly, it is highly recommended that spills containing oils and acid like wines and soda, be cleaned up quickly. This is why it’s important to hire a professional AZ granite fabricator to seal the surface correctly.

Quartz won’t need as much maintenance as granite and doesn’t need to be resealed. It is highly resistant to stain, heat, and scratching which means it stands up well to spills of any kind. Because of it’s non-porous surface it is also bacteria resistant which is an attractive feature if you have little ones at home.

3. Strength & Durability

Granite is known as one of the strongest, most durable surfaces out there and is scratch and heat resistant meaning it takes daily wear and tear pretty well. It tends to dull knives so a cutting board is always recommended.

Quartz, being engineered and all, is slightly stronger and more durable than granite so it won’t chip or crack as easily. It can, however, be more sensitive to excessive heat so we wouldn’t recommend leaving hot pots and pans directly on your countertop.

4. Cost of material and installation

The cost of granite and quartz in Phoenix is comparable but generally quartz tends to be priced a little higher per square foot. Taken into account the maintenance cost of granite, one can argue that quartz is lower in cost in the long run. One thing is clear: both should be installed by a professional granite installer because they are extremely heavy stones and it must be ensured that the size and strength of your cabinet boxes will take their weight.

So did we make the decision easier for you? Truth is that at the end of the day neither material is better than the other. Choosing one over the other is based on your specific preferences, lifestyle and needs. We are here to help you do the research. 

While you’re making your decision, browse through our selection of granite colors and quartz colors for inspiration on your next kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity remodel.  Shopping for granite and quartz countertops in Phoenix can be stress free and even fun; just contact us by phone or send us a message now. 

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