Granite Vs Quarts – Heat/Fire Test

Granite Vs Quarts – Heat/Fire Test
Granite and Quartz being torched to see which one is more heat resistant.
I think granite wins.

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  1. Have to agree with other commentors, the granite was heated a little over half the time as the quartz. I didn’t do an exact count, but it was around 70 seconds for the quartz and 40 seconds for the granite.

    Next time, do one at a time for a specified amount of time, or heat both separately until failure under a load.

  2. i don’t think my kitchen will get that hot to discolor my quartz. been using mine for 15 years and it still looks as i just bought it yesterday. hot pot on kitchen counter. no problem.

  3. Well due to the flood in the kitchen we have to put in new counters. Loved my granite but was thinking of Quartz as that seams to be the popular choice. Started researching it, it’s about the same cost as granite, it’s non porous a big plus but I found out it scratches easier and you can’t put hot pots-pans on them as the resin in them changes color under heat( it even catches fire). So much like the corian vs granite debate from when I did the kitchen 20 years ago (non porous and limitless colors) I’m leaning toward Granite again. Man still has not made a better product than Mother Nature. Ill take a 10 min sealing job every 3 years over having to baby my counters. Mine underwent 20 years of abuse without a stain, nick, chip or cut. People do your homework. Quartz will go the way of corian while granite will still be great and in style in next 20 years, again.

    And yes he heated the Quartz 8 seconds longer overall, but it’s irrelevant resin is flammable rock isn’t

  4. I was reading complaints about Cambria quartz. People’s countertops were cracking, and Cambria blamed the user each time for putting a hot pot or excessive weight on it. They said people that drain pots while leaning them on the sink edge cause cracks. This torch was much hotter than any pot full of water. If the hot, water filled pot theory is true, it should have shattered!

  5. What brand of Quartz? For all we know you’re using the Chinese crap. Plus you heated the quartz much longer

  6. I take it you prefer to sell granite. Your comparison video is a joke. You don’t spend nearly as much time over the granite with the torch and what little time you hover over it, you raise the torch higher than you do on the quartz.

  7. He didn’t spend anytime heating the granite because its pointless to do so. Granite is formed in the earth by temperatures much higher than that torch could ever reach. He could leave the torch he was using to heat that granite non stop for half an hour and nothing would happen. It takes a cutting torch to generate enough heat to damage granite which will make it flake. It’s actually a finish option preferred by some designers. Quartz is just ok as a countertop. Way over hyped by the industry that makes it. It can’t be repaired at all versus granite which can be buffed out or filled.

  8. What temperature/temps were you using on them? I searched for the answer( why I read the comments), but nothing was spoken of what temperature. Did I miss something?

  9. Beenthere Donethat

    Well, the quartz does have resin in it, which I’m sure is flammable. But I doubt you’re going that much heat on your countertops.

  10. Peter Southworth

    That does it. Part of what i need out of a countertop is for it to withstand four minutes of direct blowtorch heat! Granite all the way!

  11. the heat that’s coming out of the rose bud, (thats the torch hes using) you will never get anyway close to that in your kitchen

  12. I’ll be replacing my current countertop with granite. While I do not have an induction cooktop, people who do have to figure out how they’re going to fire roast their peppers if they want to do a more thorough job than the oven/broiler. That may require a blowtorch for your veggies for ethnic dishes. Not only that, but if you’re making creme Brulé, you will have to torch the ramekins over your counters. I had no problem with this video. It basically demonstrated what I had already suspected; that man-made materials won’t hold up like Mother Nature.

  13. I know quartz is not heat proof,, it’s resistance. And this moron is intentionally flaming quartz more than granite.
    Quartz is more than good enough for any burning pan.

  14. the keep burning the white one.and very little time on burning the other one…which is which…and non helpful !#

  15. Silly people talking ????go do what you do best????????????????‍????????????‍????. He’s testing which ones can he use on a fire pit. What is safe for you ????

  16. I spent the $$$$ to “upgrade” to quartz and then put a hot pan on it and it left a ring and ruined by quartz. Granite next time for me!!!

  17. Ya what a dick head! Did anyone notice the shitty music they were playing? Country! I will never put quartz in my bathroom!

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