Granite Names and their Meaning

Juparana Santa Cecilia, Bianco Napoleon, Giallo Verona, Dorado Carioca…What is this language and what does it all mean? You might’ve come across these names while you were shopping for granite countertops in Arizona and browsing through the different colors. Let us help you understand what some of this means.

Granite names can be a combination of Italian and Portuguese words and/or the location from which the granite came from. For example, any granite with Juparana in the name is named after a lake in Brazil called Lake Juparana (or Lagoa Juparana) because the original Juparana Classico is quarried near this lake. Most granite countertops come from Brazil, Italy, India, Norway and other countries which explain the unfamiliar names they bear. Uba Tuba granite is named after a district near Sao Paulo in Brazil; Copacabana granite is named after the famous Brazilian beach in Rio de Janeiro. Baltic Brown Granite is from Finland which is quarried near the Baltic Sea.

Many granite names are actually named after colors in other languages or after the type of mineral that gives it its color. Below is a chart to help you understand some of the most common names.

 When you visit our granite and quartz showroom in Phoenix, AZ you will come across these names as you’re browsing through the different granite color options and we hope this article helps you when it comes to finding that perfect color to compliment your kitchen or bathroom. As one of Phoenix’s leading granite installers we want to make sure that every step of this project is as easy to understand as possible. 

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