Granite Install Gone Wrong

Granite Install Gone Wrong
They worked so hard to get it through an upper level window and just when you think you can take a breath, it breaks I to 8 pieces when they lift it on to the kitchen island.

14 thoughts on “Granite Install Gone Wrong”

  1. Granite can be a nightmare to move and fit. For something so heavy it breaks apart pretty easily. Compiling videos for a new UK television show about DIY. Would it be ok to use this video?

  2. 7 guys the metal bar n it looks like its 3cm granite n it still broke danm . they should of removed the stove n had 2 of the guys in front of the cabinet catching the granite . I can tell that was there first install

  3. lol ur pivoting on 2 points with nothing in the middle, shove a 2×4 in the middle and have one guy sliding it back as your coming down with the piece. But honestly it was designed poorly, did you think you were gonna float that and set it perfectly over the stove. haha

  4. I never thought Granite was so fragile even though it’s so strong. I masturbated to this video multiple times and I laughed as I came

  5. nope, the didn’t lift on the same time, and I’ve tried to put it on the cabinets when the others weren’t ready

  6. Poor handling the stone was rested on the two end points and they are probably scratching there heads and blaming the stone

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