Granite Countertop With Undermount Sink

Granite Countertop With Undermount Sink
Installing a granite countertop in a bathroom with an oval undermount sink

7 thoughts on “Granite Countertop With Undermount Sink”

  1. That’s a good idea Don. Man that would piss me off to spend a whole morning on a top and have to pull the sink out. If you ever chip a tub or sink try “Miracle Method”. Our branch up here will fix it and you will never see the chip. Works good also to refinish a whole tub or sink. 

  2. Make things a little easier on yourself buy a bathroom vanity with a top already installed. Check out this antique bath vanity with granite top

  3. +Ray Bennici …There are some decent furniture vanities out there but I prefer the built in ones…everything seems to trim out better. We end up having issues with the baseboards and backsplashes and if it butts up to a wall on the sides there is always a weird gap. You have some nice pieces, Thanks for sharing!!

  4. your lucky you didn’t have a bunch of blowouts from polishing without water running. Also how did u get the ok to cut that much granite outside?

  5. When I cut granite using a turbo segmented diamond blade, I get rough parts on the top part of the granite next to the hole cut out. How do you smooth that out so it is not rough.

  6. Landberg Tile-Handyman-DIY

    Hey Issac, been watching your videos for a while and love your channel. Would you subscribe to mine? Same kind of videos, but not as good as yours!

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