Granite Countertop Seam Demonstration By Gennex Countertops

Granite Countertop Seam Demonstration By Gennex Countertops

Gennex Advance Surfaces found on the web as services Philadelphia, Delaware County, Media, Bucks County, Delaware, New Jersey, and other area in the region.

People who want to see how a seam is done on our granite installation can watch this video. We service Philadelpia PA and surrounding area including NJ and DE. For more information go to by Alan Su or email me at

4 thoughts on “Granite Countertop Seam Demonstration By Gennex Countertops”

  1. Custom Quality Granite Joshua

    dude the seam suck in that color ur not soposto see it at all now if it was a ubatuba or black galasxy ill bb ok with it but not on this one i can do perfect in this colors soo dont sow ur vidios on the wep cus there are million of instaloer that cando beter than that coment from cq granite

  2. Custom Quality Granite Joshua

    stuped dude that seam suck here in houston texas you will not get pay for that jop it sucks

  3. Custom Quality Granite Joshua

    if you think that you are soo good i bet you 5,000 dollars and all my custumers and builders to who can do a beter seam. dont woried abouth my englis is all aboth work.i see you gus like to work whith 3cm is ezz to work with that.

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