Granite Countertop Installation – Granite Shorts Ep.11 –

Granite Countertop Installation – Granite Shorts Ep.11 –

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In this episode we follow our installers to show you how the installation of granite countertops looks like. We also give you a few hints that will speed up the process. would like to thank you for watching our video and please feel free to leave comments. If you have a questions for our staff, please contact us at , or

14 thoughts on “Granite Countertop Installation – Granite Shorts Ep.11 –”

  1. Transporting the piece with the wholes already drilled makes it much weaker and prone to cracking/breaking.

  2. onthelevelbilliards

    If you had an OTLVISE unit you could have loaded large pieces on wheels and not carried them

  3. also why not use 5 inch shims to mount the sink with epoxy instead of left over granite blocks save time

  4. Why not just watch the video without all of the criticism? Amazing how everyone becomes an expert. It’s a good video….good series too. Negative commentaries can go make their own video.

  5. should be using clamps that have drill holes drilled into the granite via cnc

  6. Great video. I appreciate the workmanship along with the production of this video as well as the entire series. Kudos!

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