Granite And Quartz Thickness

Granite and Quartz 2cm or 3cm, which one is better?

When shopping for new Quartz countertops in Phoenix, Arizona, most homeowners are faced with the following question about the thickness of the countertops.  Should I go with 2cm or 3cm?  In Arizona, both 2cm and 3cm are used and both are quite popular. The same question surfaces when shopping for Granite countertops. In the east coast, 3cm is used almost exclusively, simply because of tradition.  Therefore, it comes down to preference and what you think looks good to you.  

Here is what you should keep in mind about both 2cm and 3cm granite and quartz countertop thickness:

3cm Granite & Quartz

• Does not require a seamed edge, giving it a very clean look.

• Does not require underlayment, 3cm is installed on top of the cabinets as is.

• It is a much heavier material, something to keep in mind if you do not want to add too much weight to your cabinets.

• It is more expensive as it is more material.

• It is the material to go with for outdoor use in Arizona (Granite)

2cm Granite & Quartz

• Does not require underlayment unless the edge is laminated to attain a thicker look, which is a very common practice in this market.

• With the laminated edge, the edge seam will be visible.

• It will look thicker than 3 cm because the laminated edge is a total of 4cm or 1.5 inches approximately.

• It is a lighter material than 3cm.

At the end of the day, the differences are not major.  After all, they are the same material and the durability, strength, and quality remain the same.

If you are concerned about the edged seam being visible, we recommend some edge details that might help hide the seam.  Some examples are ogge or mitered edge.

In summary, you will not go wrong with either one.  As I previously mentioned, it is all about what you prefer and what looks good to you. Contact Us Today!

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