Faux Granite Countertops

Faux Granite Countertops
“Today’s Homeowner” host Danny Lipford showed Harry Smith how to cheaply and easily convert a regular counter top into faux granite.

6 thoughts on “Faux Granite Countertops”

  1. I used Giani Granite two years ago and still love my counters! Gianigranite. com has affordable kits and it was so easy, low odor and great customer service!

  2. @BOBSTERXXXX When your rich you can afford to by real granite countertops but when your poor like me you buy the $50 kit that makes your cheap laminate ugly counters “look like” granite and be just as happy.

    I betcha I can buy the supplies for less that you can get the $50 kit for. 🙂 I’m about to do this to my bathroom countertop because its yellow stained and ugly. lol…

  3. Granite is one of the biggest wastes of money marketers have come up with in the last 15 years. The home I grew up in is 35 years old and has fake marble counter tops in the kitchen. They still look good in spite of years of abuse from me and my 2 brothers. A Realtor recently looked at the house and thought the counter tops were new. And yes you can’t set a hot pan on laminate but is it really that hard to put a mat down first?

  4. Anyone else find the news man a little arrogant I know it’s their job to keep control of the time used for the segment but jeez actually learn something in the process

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