Epoxy Countertops Over Old Granite

Epoxy Countertops Over Old Granite
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5 thoughts on “Epoxy Countertops Over Old Granite”

  1. 23:30 — NO! Stop! I liked that black edge on the right (from where you stood).
    28:00 — Ok, that looks pretty cool.

  2. Love this, but let me get this straight….this technique can be directly applied on top of granite? The granite in my kitchen is horrible—-builders grade—-and it desperately needs more attention than my bank account is capable of. If this can be app,it’s on top of ugly, tired granite then my problem seems solved. But….how is this handled on edges? Especially the rounded edges like on breakfast bar granite countertops??? Or straight edges that butt up against appliances????? I’m quite curious to learn more about this cool process

    Many thanks!

  3. harrison craighead

    Wtf… try and repeat all that nonsense into an actual full size countertop … what a mess

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