Dull Granite? Do’s & Don’ts To Having Shiny Granite Countertops

Dull Granite? Do’s & Don’ts To Having Shiny Granite Countertops
Do’s & don’ts to having the shiniest granite countertops. Certain granite cleaning products that are being sold in stores and online contain mineral oil (baby oil) and leave an oily residue on the surface and in time can actually penetrate your granite changing the color.

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  1. nice video…it can be so difficult to keep granite shiny and new looking..if you have “abused” your granite knowingly or unknowingly..you should probably re strip the granite..with a 4 or 5 stage polish and buff system. i think the dry systems are best so to not accumulate “scum” build up. THEN SEAL IT GOOD. and then properly maintain your counters. most products do leave oilyness..terrible looking. curious why at end of your video you didnt drag your fingers across counter. great video though

  2. Thanks. In most cases just having it sealed with the Granite Shield process will clean and seal the granite.

  3. I have heard to NEVER use Windex in granite. I need to look into this more, but that is what Hanson Builders said during our walk-though when we bought our house.

  4. @MrPaul6002 You even hear commercials on TV about soap leaving a residue on the body. No if you want shiny granite I wouldn’t recommend using a soap plus soap contains oils. Repeatedly washing your granite with products containing oils can change the color of your granite.

  5. @forthebest100 Because Windex with ammonia on granite not sealed with Granite Shield will strip the sealer. Windex with ammonia is the recommended cleaner on polished granite sealed with Granite Shield and won’t harm the Granite Shield sealer.

  6. yogicflyersforheaven

    Very useful and informative. I wondered why my granite looked worse after cleaning it with a so-called granite cleaner. Now I know why.
    Thank you!

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