DON’T Use This On Granite To Remove Water Marks/Stains??

DON’T Use This On Granite To Remove Water Marks/Stains??
This is how I was able to remove the water mark/stain from my black granite countertop in my bathroom. Use White Distilled Vinegar with a cotton ball or anything else to buff the stain away. GL! I hope it works for you!

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  1. If the countertop is not that old, you should have a waranty on the work, at least a year.
    and if the stains keep happening, you might want to ask them to come back and seal it properly.

  2. @ogabychita I bought the counter top at Home Depot…installed it ourselves so noone is coming to our house to seal it again…that’s the price you pay for doing it yourself. It was cheap enough that if this gets really ruined I’ll just buy something else. It’s hard water that’s ruining my granite. I don’t think any sealant is going to help my hard water problem…unfortunately everyone thinks that I have to reseal it…I might have to this yr but I’ll worry about ti then. Thx!

  3. This is a completely proper method of removing hard water stains. The stains are because the sealer was working to prevent penetration. The granite is not very porous anyway. My only suggestion would be to spray the area with a little ammoniated water afterwards to neutralize the pH of the material and help reduce future salts from reappearing in those areas. Good DIY video.

  4. I use Tile guard Granite and marble cleaner for my counters. It smells really good, but I am thinking the last people who lived here etched the granite in the kitchen. Not at all sure what to do other than to have it resealed. 🙁

  5. Experience and money lost replacing someones stone has taught me “STONES AND VINEGAR don’t mix”, you are better off buffing it with some polishing product untill the stains come off. Vinegar will eventually zip into the rock and damage it.

  6. I have the black granite with silver and blue flakes its really expensive granite. I had really bad white stains around the the faucet handle in my kitchen. THIS WORKED BAD ASS! Thank you so much for sharing. Ive had this stain for around 4yrs now and couldn’t get it off and the vinegar worked magic!! I thought the would come back but its been 3 days and the stain hasn’t came back. Thanks again!

  7. I am sure you do not mean to give bad advice, but that is what this is.  No acids such as vinegar or lemon juice should be used.  If they are spilled, they need to be cleaned up quickly.  I think that your top was not properly sealed.

  8. rhinoplasty journey..

    you need to dry it 1st before you can say its totally remove..because when it dries sometimes the line or mark is still there.

  9. Bad Idea, I used vinegar and it turned my black granite white around the faucet… Now how the Hell do I fix this ???????

  10. I used a mixture of CLR cleaner and Granite Cleaner.. It works great to remove water stain and keep my black granite shinny.

  11. Charmaine Collins

    I have discovered silica stains from our leaking tap on our granite vanity top. Unfortunately it has been there for a couple of months as we don’t use this section of the house until tourist season – so only discovered it a couple of days ago.  I have tried a few things to remove it (vinegar, glass scrapper, water spot remover)  it is better but there is still a faded white mark. Can anyone recommend anything to remove the Silica. Thank you

  12. Extra info: Water stains should NOT be confused with sealer issues. Sealers have to do with absorption, *not* with these superficial marks. Google “sealer water test” to see if your sealer is still working (you simply put drops on counter and watch). Her advice here is very good for dark (black, green, blue) granite, dense granite, or any well-sealed granite. DO NOT USE vinegar or CLR on less dense stone, travertine, low-shine marble, limestone – OR – on stone containing calcite, as it will create ugly etching.

  13. The Art Lady's Home

    My granite guy used a razor blade to scrape away hard water buildup. He was the professional installer and I questioned him about scratching. He said you can’t scratch granite with a flat edge razor blade, granite is too hard. So now when I feel rough around sink area I rub with a blade…..and presto…..smooth again.

  14. Thanks so much for the tip. I have a black granite countertop in my new bathroom. We have very hard water in our area and we have spots on the counter. I’ll give this a try!


  16. R.I.P.Squirt& Jinxy

    Vinegar is good for everything. Cleans out the crock pots to getting rid of pink eye with cats.

  17. R.I.P.Squirt& Jinxy

    Granite should be sealed once a yr to keep out water, stains and bacteria, since it is somewhat porous. Hydrex is a top quality sealant.

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