DIY Granite Tile Countertops

DIY Granite Tile Countertops
A how-to install granite tile countertops by Davey’s Tile & Granite

5 thoughts on “DIY Granite Tile Countertops”

  1. WOW, this says, DIY, Do it yourself, and then a 4 Min and 37 second video of what turns out to be a Commercial for a 2 guy operation out of helmet California. REALLY ODD.

    Ok so from what i gather. this DIY video tells me 1st to get a weird sound track to go by and speak NEVER. Blue tape is the way to go for masking. an angle Grinder with some type “?” of grit disk should be used to buzz down the corners BUT some type “?” of wet thing , assuming a sponge and water in the RIGHT hand should be used to wet the edge of the Tile. Are we getting a glossy edge on this angle? It doesn’t appear to be being measured at all, how will they match up later? I have ground on a piece of granite before and it was rough as can be when I hit it with a swipe. How is this done so it looks presentable later?

    Longer pieces have to be held in a Vise/ break, and the grinder held in the hand apparently and this operation needs no water.

    Now I will need an imer commbi 250 tile saw. to cut pieces for what I assume ( because I looked further into the video) is back splash pieces) i am guessing one was measured and that should be the correct cute for every damned one of them because it’s what they show on here. The imer combi 250 is is a mere 1400.00 with free shipping from amazon. very cool. little pricey for 1 job though, looks like you could probably use the imer combi 200 ( a lighter weight cutter ) for about 1000 bucks. If you wanted to do it on the cheaper side. LOL cut cut cur easy as pie no further instructions needed for this DIY video.

    demolition.! who doesn’t like this part?! wow smash shit with a hammer and then try a small jack hammer and blah blah blah. I abut 100% sure this can be done much less destructive to the home and probably more safely, in fact. I would bet the removal of this counter top would be pretty easy and a new pieces of ply wood used would give you a better foundation , I say that because the rest of the video is more ridiculous than the first part.

    No prep on the counter after the tiles are beaten off, no removal of old tile adhesive, no sanding or finishing of the surface, just start piling that grout on with a large troll and hope nothings is sticking up, but if it is, pounding the tile with your hand is cool. No Spacers or anything like that and also just start out in the middle and go from there, don’t plan anything out and you will be fine.

    I see posts here from way back on this same page, up to 4 years or so, online look up brings up a page that says this place of ( 1) has been going since 2015. well thats only less than 2 years. weird. says they might be making 67k a hear as well. I hope thats true for you two. Ya might do better if you take this horrible video down and make a new one. Or take the title off and post it as How to do a granite tile counter in a flop house to turn it quickly and run. or maybe Crack House Granite Counter top installation. But for sure take your names and truck off and don’t post a phone number.

  2. Hi, I love your work. What material did you use to grout the seam? I read that epoxy grout is best. Have you used this product and if so, what brand can you recommend. I am very motivated to make a granite tile countertop so I hope you can help. I hope you read this comment and reply. Thanks a lot in advance.

  3. I always wonder where people come up with their choice for music. It’s was so distracting I couldn’t finish watching.

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