Hiring A Countertop Contractor In Phoenix

What To Expect When Working With A Countertop Contractor


hiring a granite contractorAccording to conventional practices of a good company, all communications have to be recorded in writing. All natural stones are all exceptional. Some contain pits, fissures, cracks, corrosive minerals, or other characteristics that you might discover objectionable. All these ought to be confessed and pointed out to you when samples or slabs are being seen. You have to bear in mind that a few of the features may be less noticeable once the position (horizontal or vertical) of the slab has been affected, or when the light intensity is shifted.

You and Your Subcontractor’s Obligations

Cabinetry setup, pipes rough-in, electric rough-in, etc., are often required to be done by you, or from subcontractors coordinated by you personally. All these must be specifically addressed in writing. Your stone contractor will set up your rock, not join water or electricity.

Granite is thick! Please have a clear route from the driveway to your own kitchen so that setup crews can browse through your house easily. Please have paths free of snow, ice, and mess. Furthermore, if you’ve existing countertops, then please be certain that they’re eliminated BEFORE installation. Additionally, be certain that your setup date doesn’t conflict with other work being performed on your house (hardwood flooring finishing, tile installation, additional tradesmen, etc).

Shop Drawings

Shop drawings may efficiently convey accurate cutting advice to you. A shop drawing is an extremely comprehensive document that will determine all parts of the completed product installation. countertop blueprintsThe store drawing is ready by your fabricator, showing the design of the rock bits, size and location of all stitches, and specifics about all corner and border treatment requirements. A few fabricators create full-size templates which are exceptionally detailed. These thorough templates could possibly be regarded as “full size” shop drawings. No matter the arrangement, you may review and accept this record before the start of fabrication. This is the opportunity to ask questions regarding seam positioning, cutouts, etc..

Stone Slab Layout

When working with highly variegated substances, insist that you take part in the design of the genuine rock slabs. This is essential and highly recommended so that you can fully comprehend what can or can’t be carried out. Bear in mind that the prices can change in case you opt to have the rock cut in a specific manner which leads to unnecessary waste.

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