Contractors and the Female Experience

Working with contractors can be challenging for both men and women alike. It can be somewhat difficult and maybe intimidating to talk to a contractor because they are skilled in their trade (or at least should be) and as a consumer, you don’t always know the technical jargon. But what kind of problems can women, in particular, expect to run into when working with contractors? How might their experience be different?

Some women might feel that contractors respect their male counterparts more, perhaps because men are sometimes expected to know more about cars, roofs, appliances, etc…So a man’s information is not second guessed as often and his ideas and opinions are of more significance.

So what are some of women’s fears when it comes to hiring a contractor?

Women fear that the job estimates they receive are higher because they’re not expected to know how much materials or labor should cost or how long a project usually takes and may be charged for months of work when it could have been completed in two weeks. Research is very important here. Get a few quotes, ask an online forum or friends and family about how much they paid or how long it took so you know exactly what to expect.

Women fear shoddy workmanship when contractors assume that they must not know about their trade and therefore won’t know if it was done in low quality. Again, research can go a long way here. Looking at pictures of how a quality granite countertop is supposed to look like, for example, can set the expectation. This is where it’s important to hire a contractor that guarantees their craftsmanship or they don’t get paid.

Women fear being taken advantage of especially when they are charged for unnecessary repairs or services. They might take their car in for a specific problem and walk out of the mechanics shop with an estimate for unrelated and unwanted repairs. Getting a couple more quotes is smart and also look on sites such as Yelp or Angies List to get reviews and recommendations before hiring a contractor and you could avoid this problem.

Women fear that male contractors are impatient and expect them to make quick decisions about the project. In other words, they feel pressure or even bullied. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with any technical terminology and have clear descriptions of the problem you are having or of your vision for your remodel so that communication is clear.

As an Arizona granite countertop company serving the Phoenix metro area we receive a lot of calls from women who are looking to upgrade their kitchen countertops to granite or quartz countertops and we make each and every customer feel comfortable talking to us about their remodeling projects and make them part of the our process so they understand each step. It’s very important to us that our communication is clear and respectful. Contact Us Today!

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