Colonial White Granite Countertops

Colonial White Granite Countertops
This Home in Cleveland, NC created a completely new look using Colonial White Granite for the countertops and 3 x 6 Smoke Gray Glass Tile for the Backsplash.
Description of Colonial White Granite-This Off White Granite Color falls in the exotic granite category, within it’s design you will see sections of Beige, Browns and Yellow specs. Some slabs consist of more blackish Brown Specs. This stone as in many Exotic Colors will vary from Slab to slab in color variations. This stone is softer and more porous than Darker colors, for this reason we recommend a good Sealer, like Hydroshield.
Kitchen designed by JEN at Fireplace and Granite
Granite installed by HASKO at Fireplace and Granite
Tile installed by VITALI at Fireplace and Granite

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